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We are pleased to share with you our Polarion ALM expertise

"Manage variants of a product in Polarion" for Siemens PLM Connection 2019

2019.05.27, Seeheim-Jugenheim, Germany

- Types of variability
- Future and variability models
- The way from the model to product and real life
- Challenges: Visualization and interaction
- Polarion ALM benefits

"The role of ALM and PLM in creating modern products (software + firmware + mechanics)". Lecture in Universitat Politècnica de València

2019.01.17, Valencia, Spain

- Why we need Requirements Management?

- Polarion in Requirements Management 

- Feature driven development

- Data model

- Traceability, use cases

"Widgets. More user-friendly features in Polarion" for Polarion User Group Conference 2018

2018.12.06, Lemgo, Germany

- Why Widget?

- What do you get by default? Where to get more? 

- Look inside a widget

- Examples of new (improved) widgets

- Risks when writing widgets

"Practical usage of tips & tricks in latest Polarion versions" for Polarion User Group Conference 2018

2018.02.08, München, Germany

- Works out-of-the-box?

- What kind of change requests we process

- ITIL template in Polarion for “Ticket System” projects

- Managing configurations of projects

- Managing “Report Pages”

"Polarion Customization – looking 1 year back" for Polarion User Group Conference 2017

2017.07.11, Stuttgart, Germany

- Analysis of old project

- Ideas for new projects

- Mistakes

- Solutions

- Recommendations

"Icons in Polarion" practical recommendations

2016.12.18, United Kingdom

- What makes the traffic signs so efficient in perception?

- Groups of statuses/phases

- Related statuses

- Successful formula to unify the icons

Have a look on our success stories with practical examples of real companies

Polarion success story
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